Welcome to Imperial Wine & Spirit Merchants, a leading merchant specialising in Cru Classé Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Rhone Valley and rare spirits from across the world. Imperial Wine & Spirit Merchants is a proudly independent, family owned and run company with many years of experience in the fine wine and spirits arena.

Our founder, Benjamin Cazaly’s, greatest passion is wine from Bordeaux. Benjamin Cazaly has a background in the city and worked in the wine trade as a wine advisor for many years before deciding to set up Imperial Wine & Spirit Merchants. After experiencing the fantastic gains from wine investments, he then discovered what could also be achieved in the fantastic world of rare and vintage spirits. He realised that people investing in other areas were disappointed with their low returns.

We believe we can offer one of the most extensive ranges of top quality wines available throughout the UK. We offer wines from everyday affordable prices, to greater price levels, but with one immovable constant, value! Our focus will always remain at the superior end of the spectrum. This does not mean serious wines aren’t made at a low price level, they are, they’re just very few and difficult to unearth. We only trade in the top 30 listed wines and spirits as it is a very fluid market, and whilst there are other beautiful bottles out there, we wouldn’t recommend buying them because of the lack of movement in the market.
The great thing about wine and spirits is that they have received double digit growth on average every year since 1950. The best vintages and top Distilleries and Chateaux have been exploiting this sector for hundreds of years.
Over the last quarter of a century fine wines and spirits have proved to be one of the most consistently stable, high yielding, low risk assets in the world.
We’re passionate about what we do and we hope that we can inspire you too. Our aim is to make choosing and drinking these fine bottles as easy and as pleasurable as possible.

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